Rekeying Your Home Locks Can Be Cheaper Than Complete Lock Replacement

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Rekeying Your Home Locks Can Be Cheaper Than Complete Lock Replacement

Locksmith Near Me often suggests to their residential locksmith customers that they consider rekeying their home locks instead of ordering a complete replacement. Rekeying offers several benefits, including lower cost, quicker service, and the option of keeping the look of the outside part of the lock.

New Homeowners Call Locksmith Near Me

Are you a new home owner? As many as 16 different keys can operate your home’s locks. There’s a remedy for this. The local residential locksmiths at Locksmith Near Me remove only the pins and springs located in the lock cylinder, then replace them with new that work with a new key. Rekeying significantly improves the safety and security of your home, while also avoiding unnecessarily removing and paying for an entire lock. Many front door, furniture, and interior door locks are able to be rekeyed and perform as well or better than before.

Rekeying helps you as the homeowner maintain key control. As the new possessor of the property, you are uncertain who might have a copy of the key from before you were owner or whether any keys were lost. For newly built homes, contractors often have copies of the keys that may not have been returned or construction was master-keyed along with other homes in a newly built subdivision. Rekeying removes master pins and prevents any other key from operating the locks of your new home.

Increase Home Security

While rekeying helps with your home security, the service can be taken further. Home security is an often little known service mobile locksmiths provide. Technicians stay up-to-date on the latest technology available and can recommend a system appropriate for your situation and tips for how to stay safe. For example, we always advise our customers to call us to do a security sweep of the property including of all exterior buildings.

Call Locksmith Near Me Anytime

We understand when it comes to the safety of your family and property, you want a lock smith you can trust. At Locksmith Near Me, we know the business through and through including rekeying any lock that can be rekeyed. As your local lock smith experts, we will meet your safety and emergency needs.

Locksmith Near Me services included with every call:

  • 24 hour service
  • Expert safety and security recommendations
  • Professional services by a licensed residential lock smith
  • Prompt arrival
  • Quick service
  • Insured services by an insured locksmith

Locksmith Near Me is a family locksmith business, and so we know how important it is that the people and things most important to you are protected with the least interruption to your daily life as possible. We can put your mind at ease so that you can be on your way.

Are you concerned about cost? Locksmith Near Me can make recommendations for the best product to fit your need within your budget. We also know that emergency situations cause an unexpected expense for you and your family. We keep our prices reasonable and well within industry standard. As a family business, we would never charge top dollar for our services even though you can expect to receive top dollar service.

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