Will Your Insurance Cover Car Key Replacement By a Locksmith Near Me?

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Will Your Insurance Cover Car Key Replacement By a Locksmith Near Me?

When you lose your car keys, replacement is a little more complicated these days. Key FOBs, transponder keys, and smart keys make cutting a new key for you more of a specialized service for locksmiths. Despite this, Locksmith Near Me technicians can replace, install, and provide maintenance for these upper technology car keys.

The Expense of Smart Key Replacement

Replacing high-tech devices can sometimes be costly when lost or stolen, especially if you have a luxury car or go through the dealer. The costs add up when you have a transponder chip in your car key and it is laser cut. The top price can fetch up to $500 for one key. Then consider that if you lost the entire set of your car keys, that cost can double to replace them all.

Car Insurance and Car Keys 

Normally you must cover the cost of losing your car keys without help from your insurance. If you subscribe to your insurance company’s emergency road service, they might pay to unlock your car doors, but it won’t usually pay the cost of key replacement. Comprehensive and collision policies might cover your lost key, but it might not make financial sense for you to file a claim due to the deductible payment.

Now if your smart key is damaged in instances such as fire, hail, flood, or if the steering column is damaged in a crash, your car insurance might pay. Comprehensive coverage may also pay for replacement if your keys are stolen or vandalized.

Home Insurance and Car Keys

Personal property protection may exists through your homeowners insurance for you to use to cover replacement car keys. It just depends on the scenario. For example, if your purse or jacket are stolen from your car then the theft may be covered under your homeowner contract since keys are considered personal property. You could still be subject to pay your deductible.

24-hour Car Key Replacement by Locksmith Near Me

A professional automotive locksmith is always available at Locksmith Near Me, because they know how important your time is to you. The expert locksmith can work on all vehicle types from the largest to the smallest. They can repair and install locks on motorbikes, vans, cars, trucks, and commercial trucks, and work with your insurance company should the costs be covered.

An automotive locksmith’s services include:

  • Locked keys in the car (truck, van, or any vehicle)
  • Broken key removal
  • Key duplication for lost keys
  • Installing or upgrading car security systems
  • Specialty keys: Transponder chips, Smart keys, and High Security keys
  • Trunk unlocking and opening
  • Ignition maintenance
  • Working with car or homeowners insurance

Call Locksmith Near Me Anytime

Locksmith Near Me technicians can work with your insurance to replace your keys. Don’t have insurance coverage for your replacement keys? We know that emergency situations cause an unexpected expense for your family or business. We keep our prices reasonable and well within industry standard. As a family business, we would never charge top dollar for our services even though you can expect to receive top dollar service.

Locksmith Near Me services included with every call:

  • 24 hour service
  • Professional services by a licensed residential lock smith
  • Prompt arrival
  • Quick service
  • Insured services by an insured locksmith

Locksmith Near Me is a family locksmith business, and so we know how important it is that the people and things most important to you are protected with the least interruption to your daily life as possible. We can put your mind at ease so that you can be on your way.

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