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Transponder Key, Locksmith near me would like to take this opportunity to explain what Transponder or chip keys are, and how they work.

So you might ask, “why does a copy of my car key making the cost so much?”

And also, there are many types of locks and keys with a history going back ancient Egypt but that’s a story for another time.

Auto remotes can unlock and lock your vehicle.

Some remotes are built into the keys (Remote Head Keys).

So while others are separate from the keys (Fobs).

Because these remotes operate independently from the transponder security system.

So the flat metal key, this single or double side (cuts on top and bottom) key operates solely off the mechanical cuts.

When the different size cuts on the key match the different size tumblers in the lock change, the key should turn.

This brings us to the Transponder key.

In short, it’s part of the cars anti-theft system.

The word transponder comes from the words “Transmitter + Responder”.

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This small microchip embed in the plastic head of your automotive/motorcycle key receives a signal from your vehicle (from an antenna ring around the ignition cylinder).

The vehicle’s computer must receive the proper response from the transponder key or the computer will not allow the vehicle to operate.

New challenge and password transponder systems use (for example) an encryption with a rolling code (the rolling code means the challenge and password changes each time it uses).

Think of it as a complex mathematical algorithm where the car transmits a 6 digit number (something between Zero and 999,999).

And also, the transponder program to crunch the number and respond.

Automotive locksmith keys can separate into two groups: transponder keys and non-transponder (flat metal) keys.

Transponder keys are different from automotive remotes that use to unlock and lock your vehicle.

Some transponder keys are built inside of your keys (in a component call remote key heads) while others are placed separately.

With flat keys, the cuts on the tops and bottoms operate mechanically.

Lastly, simply through the cuts, they match up with the tumblers in the lock, and the key allows to turn.

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