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Do You Need A Panic Bar Installation?

Many public buildings, such as restaurants, stores, Hospitals, movie theaters, nursing homes, and schools, have panic bars on doors resulting in the exterior of this construction. A panic bar is a vertical or horizontal bar that a person can press to unlock a doorway and immediately exit a building in the case of an emergency. Panic bars are also sometimes called exit devices, panic equipment, drive bars, and crash bars. Each of these terms refer to exactly the exact same thing.

Why You Should Install a Panic Bar in Your Building

Installing panic bars allows people to quickly and readily Exit a building during a crisis, including a fire. This is important because some people, such as those who are handicapped or who have arthritis, might be unable to develop a doorknob to open a door in a crisis. A panic pub is easy for everyone to push leaning against it.

Stress bars are required by legislation in several facilities, such as Hospitals and nursing homes. Many states and cities require them in schools and government buildings. They are also typically found in commercial buildings and restaurants.

Many dread bars have security and electronic features, such as high-decibel alarms which can prevent people from leaving through the emergency depart and can alert the operator or manager if the door is opened. Alerts can be helpful in areas like restaurants and stores to deter theft or leaving without paying the check.

How to Choose the Right Panic Bar

Panic bars can be installed on doors with wood, metal, or aluminum frames. A fire-rated door should have a fire-rated panic bar. Many interior doors are fire-rated, and many exterior doors are not.

Panic bars are available in a variety of styles and prices to match your company’s budget. The number and type of panic bars you will need will depend on the size and layout of your building, the number of stories, and the maximum occupancy.

Why You Should Have a Panic Bar Professionally Installed

While it is possible to order a fear bar and put in it Yourself, we Locksmith Near Me strongly discourage this. If it’s installed incorrectly, people might be not able to depart the building in the event of a fire or another emergency, and lifestyles could potentially be endangered. Locksmith Near Me can put in a panic bar properly so it is going to work when it’s necessary.

Don’t worry about whether you’re “too far” for us. We service all of California. We travel up and down all day long. Guess what? We wouldn’t change it for the world! We love installing panic bars for California businesses. We take great pride and satisfaction in knowing that our work could save the lives of your friends, family, and customers in the event of an emergency. With this said, it doesn’t matter if you’re in California or in surrounding areas–if you’re interested in a panic bar for your business, then contact us today.

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